Friday, February 13, 2015

Ship Your Enemies Glitter Anonymously - Mail Your Glitter

There is always someone that gets under our skin. It could be someone that you go to school with that won't leave you alone or even someone you work with. Regardless of whoever is getting on your nerves, you can now glitter bomb anyone without having to worry about them ever finding out that it was you that did it. We will keep your identity anonymous.

We will discreetly send your package to them in a hand written envelope. We stamp the word "CONFIDENTIAL" on the outside of every envelope to create a sense of urgency to open the envelope. After fumbling around and aggressively opening it up, POOP! Glitter all over the place! Send it to enemies, friends, record it as a prank. Regardless of the reason, Mail Your Glitter can help!

Feel free to read more about the website and the growing positive reviews that it is constantly receiving online. There are many satisfied consumers that are reordering constantly due to the piece of mind knowing their identity is protected. You also have the piece of mind knowing that you got revenge against someone that really got under your skin!

So don't waste another moment of time letting that special someone in your life go without getting a gentle glitter bomb. Read more about this ever popular glitter bomb website below and place your anonymous order today! The owners of the site are very fast at answering questions. I haven't had a problem with getting a response back.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Mail Your Enemies Glitter - Mail Your Glitter

You can now safely mail your enemies glitter online. Do you have someone that you live next to that gets on your nerves? Do you have a friend that really needs to get pranked really bad? There are tons of reasons to glitter bomb someone. You really don't have to have a legitimate reason. Its hilarious to witness someone open one of these gems. Getting the satisfaction of hearing someone you bombed opened it is priceless.

Rest assured, Mail Your Glitter doesn't reveal the identity of the sender. This will ensure a guaranteed opened letter with glitter exposure all over the room and surrounding content! If you've ever messed around with glitter before then you know that its very difficult to get out of things. Even when vacuumed. This is the perfect way to ruin someones day.

There are growing positive reviews for Mail Your Glitter due to the fast processing time along with creative glitter envelope packaging. There are many repeat customers due to the amount of effective glitter bombs that Mail Your Glitter is able to effortlessly deliver.

Give that person that gets under your skin an anonymous glitter bomb that will keep them wondering until eternity who pranked them. Take a moment and read more below about Mail Your Glitter and order your very own anonymous glitter bomb envelope package today!

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